Thermally Applied Systems

TT&L Contracting provides customers across NY with quality roofing services. One of the services we provide is the installation of a thermally applied roofing system. This roofing system is actually a combination of two separate roof systems working together to create an even more reliable roof. This new system is comprised of a spray applied Polyurethane Foam Roof with a single ply membrane that is then adhered to the foam with another spray adhesive. Polyurethane foam is one of the best insulation foams out there and covers your roof with one application and is seamless, with no gaps. This will directly reduce your energy costs.

Waterproof Your Home or Office

This polyurethane foam will prevent water from infiltrating your building when your roof membrane is puncture, which lowers damage costs, as other foams used will not be as effective. Insulation boards are used under the membrane are not waterproof, and thus can become wet and retain water for long periods of time. With this, other issues arise, such as rusting and deterioration.

By using thermally applied roofing systems, you will be protecting your business from water damage and leaks. It is highly effective and will greatly lower energy costs. Technology in the roofing industry is constantly evolving and improving. Stay up to date with your roof and do not let it linger and age, which can cost you more money in damage and repairs in the future.

Years of Roofing Experience

TT&L Contracting has years of experience providing customers across NY and Long Island with quality roofing services. For more information about our roofing systems and if a thermally applied roof is right for your business, please contact us today and set up an appointment for a free estimate. Our number is 631-254-0322. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about installing a new roof.