EPDM Roofing

TT&L Contracting provides quality roofing services for customers across Long Island, as well as Brooklyn, Queens and the New York tri-state area. One of our more popular roofing installations is for EPDM roofing. EPDM is a durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane that is widely used in many low-slope buildings in the United States. Ethylene and propylene are the two primary ingredients in the material and both are derived from oil and natural gas. That makes it a fairly environmentally friendly material to use for roofing. It is sold in a variety of widths that can range from 7.5 feet to fifty feet.  All-in-all, it makes for a great option for commercial buildings.

EPDM Installations

An EPDM roof has a felxibility when it comes to being successfully installed. This is another reason why it is a popular option to choose when selecting a new roof. This system has the ability to be installed in one of three ways:

  1. Fully Adhered 
  2. Mechanically Attached
  3. Ballasted

Any of those methods can be used in the installation of a EPDM roof. But no matter the method, the seam of the roofing system is sealed with liquid adhesives or specially formulated tape. The professionals at TT&L Contracting have years of experience providing this service to many customers across Long Island and New York. Our installation services are second to none and the results of our work speaks for itself. Don't count on anybody else when it comes to installing a new roof.

Characteristics of an EPDM Roof

An EPDM roof is different from other roofing systems and have different characteristics when compared to others. Some are pros and some are cons, but ultimately, it is one of the more popular systems out there for a reason. Some of these characteristics are:

  • High resistance to ozone, weathering, wind damage and abrasion
  • Flexibility in low temperatures
  • Great resistance to heat and fire
  • Cyclical membrane fatigue resistance
  • Ultraviolet radiation resistance

EPDM Roofs are popular for commercial buildings as their biggest attribute is their high resistance to weathering, ozone, wind damage and abrasion. The roofing on commercial buildings needs to be pragmatic more than anything else. When building owners choose EPDM roofing for their commercial building or office they are choosing a roof that will be able to withstand the elements and do so at an affordable price.

Trusted EPDM Roofers

EPDM roofing systems continue to be a popular roofing system due to its stellar performance and long lifespan. This type of roofing can be designed and created to meet a wide range of wind uplift criteria to meet whatever demands are present. We have years of experience installing these roofing systems and have become a trusted name for many across New York. From Brooklyn and Queens to those across Long Island, we have your roofing services covered. If you are interested in our service, please contact us today. We can provide you with all the necessary information you will need to get started. For more information about any of our services call today at 631-254-0322. We will gladly assist you with any questions you may have concerning EPDM roofing, as well as any of our other roofing services.