Cold Applied Roofing Systems

Cold Applied Roofing System Long Island

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What Is A Cold Applied Roofing System?

Minimal heat is required for Long Island cold applied roofing systems. They can be installed at normal "room temperatures" in New York between 60 and 75 degrees. The cold applied material consists of a carrier solvent. This evaporates when set, leaving a film resistant to water. Smart.

The term "cold applied roofing system" is usually taken to mean a built-up roofing system that is assembled using liquid adhesives and multiple piles of reinforcement. However, several other types of systems exist that do not need heating. 

Cold-Process Roofing System Construction

This sort of roof can be constructed in a few different ways. The most common technique is to use a heavy asphalt coating fiberglass "base" sheets. In this process, the first sheet is usually mechanically attached to the substrate and the subsequent plies are then embedded. The roofing membrane is then covered with an aggregate surface or roof coating.

The cold applied roofing systems that now exist use coated or un-coated polyester reinforcements or composite reinforcements that are in conjunction with the adhesives at work. This sort of roofing system can be constructed in a various amount of ways to fit whatever budget is available.

Cautions and Disadvantages

As with any roofing system, there are some disadvantages. Both hot and cold-applied roofing systems can potentially allow for odors to infiltrate the building through vents, but there are also disadvantages and cautions that are specifically for the cold-applied system. Below are a few issues to consider>

  • Longer cure times than compared to hot asphalt applications
  • More flammable due to adhesives and solvents used
  • Usually cold-applied adhesives are more expensive than their hot-applied counterparts.

This sort of system may not be for all situations. Checking in with your roofing experts would be wise before moving forward. 

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